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eIDAS Knowledge Café at the ICT2015: Lessons learnt and way forward

30 October 2015 At the ICT2015 Conference in Lisbon, the European Commission organised the "eIDAS Knowledge Café". The goal of this networking session was to learn how to best leverage eIDAS to create and...

Entrepreneurs share their views on the perception of failure in Europe at ICT 2015

22 October 2015 FACE Entrepreneurship is a European project which seeks to promote ICT entrepreneurship amongst young Europeans by by fighting against fear of failure and promoting a risk taking culture
3829 Andrea SERVIDA Andrea SERVIDA

Back to the e-future: accelerating implementation and uptake of eID and trust services

21 October 2015 Imagine yourself in 2018, where the use of electronic identification, electronic signatures and the other trust services is a daily reality and where citizens, companies and public administrations...

How can Europe be in the lead of developing the digital technology?

20 October 2015 The ICT industry is playing an increasingly important role in the global economy. Europe is in the lead in developing different ICT components. But how can Europe be in the lead of developing digital...
30875 Nicola FANTINI Nicola FANTINI

A Platform for compute intensive applications in the cloud

16 October 2015 Scientists have been struggling to efficiently use compute infrastructure to resolve scientific problems, spending in the end more time on hardware and operating systems then on their scientific...
30770 Marco BOERO Marco BOERO

New transport solution in smart cities

14 October 2015 The outbreak of mobile Apps market has revolutionised the way we interact with information and services and provide new mobility and transport solution, where end-users can also contribute directly...
6395 Thibaut KLEINER Thibaut KLEINER

EU funded project breaks the available mobile network speed record by delivering new technology for 5G

14 October 2015 Imagine you could experience a mobile network which offers you 100 times faster speed than today's 4G network! This is possible today thanks to the 5GNOW EU funded project. The project team...
30589 Andreas EBERHART Andreas EBERHART

Why conceptualisation and semantic technologies are important for the energy sector

13 October 2015 It is a challenge to use familiar concepts to extract important information from large amounts of data, without the need for complex algorithms and a PhD in data science. New techniques can help...
30670 Dominique VICARD Dominique VICARD

Traceable smart objects

12 October 2015 What a "smart" yarn can do for traceability, anti-theft or anti-counterfeiting protection.
28994 Roberto VIOLA Roberto VIOLA

Why do supercomputers matter for your everyday life?

2 comments 8 October 2015 High performance computing is a strategic tool for science, industry, and society.