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31543 Vanessa VOVOR Vanessa VOVOR

Able-to-Include helps persons with intellectual disabilities access the digital world

3 December 2015 It's high time to improve the quality of life of persons with intellectual disabilities! The Able-to-Include project does just that, through technology and innovation.
26424 Patrick GUILLEMIN Patrick GUILLEMIN

AIOTI: developing essential standards to reap the benefits of Internet of Things

3 December 2015 Our AIOTI Working Group is developing and adopting global key standards to ensure effectiveness and interoperability, support economies of scale, enable data sharing and offer innovative new services...
28994 Roberto VIOLA Roberto VIOLA

New standard for smart appliances in the smart home

1 comment 1 December 2015 A new European standard for smart appliances called SAREF has been launched in a record time: less than a year! This standard has been developed by the European Commission in close cooperation with...
3829 Andrea SERVIDA Andrea SERVIDA

Towards a mutual recognition of elDs across the EU

30 November 2015 The release of eID technical specifications - a major step towards the actual implementation of eIDAS and in making the mutual recognition of elDs across the EU a close reality.
26422 Raph CROUAN Raph CROUAN

Why are SMEs the single most important element of our Alliance for IoT Innovation today?

20 November 2015 Europe is undoubtedly the cradle of some of the most active Small & Medium Businesses (SMEs) in the world. Knowing well that SMEs are the backbone of the EU Economy, Internet of Things (IoT)...
28994 Roberto VIOLA Roberto VIOLA

From the lab to the market: the challenge and opportunity for ambitious innovators

17 November 2015 We want to promote EU innovators with ground-breaking innovations. That's why I'm very happy that the Slovak SME Broadbit is the first recipient of the European Commission's Innovation...
1260 Andras KOVACS Andras KOVACS

The path ahead for Broadbit, winner of the Innovation Radar Prize

17 November 2015 At ICT 2015 in Lisbon I accepted the Innovation Radar Prize on behalf of my company Broadbit. We are a Slovak SME developing intelligent battery technologies. Winning this prize has not only given us...
3853 Wendy CARRARA Wendy CARRARA

Looking for Open Data from a different country? Try the European Data portal

1 comment 16 November 2015 The Open Data movement is reaching all countries in Europe. Data Portals give you access to re-usable government information. But have you ever tried to find Open Data from another country whose...
6395 Thibaut KLEINER Thibaut KLEINER

Time to unleash the potential of the Internet of Things in Europe

12 November 2015 Everybody is talking about the Internet of Things, the next digital revolution after mobile Internet. From smart watches to connected farms, from connected cars to smart homes to smart cities, the...

ICT2015 & electronics. Three times lucky

3 November 2015 I was one of the lucky 6000+ persons who attended ICT2015 in Lisbon. It has been a great event. Lots of exchanges with interesting people and the opportunity to see new ideas emerging. Especially in...