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33722 Claire BURY Claire BURY

Happy Girls in ICT Day – shaping the digital world together

27 April 2017 Check out the latest news on women in tech!
24363 Jorge DIAS Jorge DIAS

Robots helping seniors & seniors helping robots: Thinking out of the box!

20 April 2017 The Horizon 2020 GrowMeUp project has just entered its third and final year, and what a journey it has been!

OpenAIRE: Europe’s Hub for Open Science

6 April 2017 OpenAIRE is an EC-supported initiative to foster Open Science in Europe in order to accelerate research and boost innovation. Europe’s research can be open to everyone! Find out how!

A joined-up strategy for digitisation

5 April 2017 Digitisation is revolutionising manufacturing – and the engineering sector is at the frontline of this transformation. EU support for digitisation, embedded in an ambitious and coordinated industrial...
3140 Erich PREM Erich PREM

Art and Science live together in leading-edge collaboration project

5 April 2017 Internationally renowned artists and Future and Emerging Technology researchers team up and work for 9 months together in the cross-disciplinary FEAT initiative.

Uncovering new technologies from the Graphene Flagship at Mobile World Congress 2017

4 April 2017 The Graphene Flagship, a Future and Emerging Technology Flagship of the European Commission, exhibited cutting-edge prototypes and demonstrators at Mobile World Congress, the world's largest...
40006 Roland BUSCH Roland BUSCH

Let’s join forces to shape digitization!

31 March 2017 By leveraging the digital transformation, Europe can achieve a sustainable growing economy
39841 Angels ORDUÑA Angels ORDUÑA

The next generation of process industries will be digital

28 March 2017 Digital technologies will shape the future of a modernized European Process Industry, ensuring global competitiveness, sustainability and jobs in Europe.
39869 Jean TODT Jean TODT

The path to a driverless future

24 March 2017 Vehicle active safety technologies have made today's cars safer and more reliable, and these innovations are steadily progressing.
6487 Andrea HALMOS Andrea HALMOS

Reinforced commitment towards open government in Germany

24 March 2017 Germany is going strong on integrating Digital Technology in businesses. Could open government efforts improve the development of more and better online public services?