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We need women for smart growth


— Posted by Nancy Pascall, DG INFSO, Policy Officer, Workshop organiser at Digital Agenda Assembly

The lack of qualified and skill personnel in the ICT sector was predicted a few years ago but it is now a reality.  Despite the high unemployment level in some countries thousands of ICT related jobs are empty.  It is now time to take into consideration the unused talent pool: women!

To address how the women can concretely play a more active role and benefit from the Information Society, an action plan is needed which takes into account all relevant factors.

This issue will be discussed at the Digital Agenda Assembly (Brussels 16-17 June - #daa11eu) in a workshop called "Women for Smart Growth".  Programme and other details are available online.

As of now you  are invited to share your ideas about this workshop on this blog or on Twitter using the  #daa11women hashtag

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Great post, Ms. Pascall! To contribute more to the online discussion around "Women for Smart Growth," including the topic of "Women Role Models in the Digital Age," please feel free to join us here: Blog: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter:  @euwomen  Hashtag:  #daa11women Also, if you'd like to share your own thoughts on women role models, please be sure to fill out our short survey at:  
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The Digital Agenda is a unique opportunity for Europe to demonstrate that being inclusive in the DA will make a difference. A GENDER ACTION PLAN for the DA will deliver one million girls and women to ICT until 2020! A GAP for the Digital Agenda is not just about helping women to succeed and getting more women into ICT, but about creating A NEW CULTURE where in Europe both men and women can succed and create AN ECONOMIC GROWTH FOR EUROPE !