So make your voice heard, and tell us who's interesting! All votes up to one week before the Assembly will be counted.

This year we continue our tradition of opening up the Digital Agenda Assembly through the online engagement platform. Debates are ongoing on all issues addressed by the workshops.

Just as last year, you will see from today the "interesting" button. You can vote on the contributions, not based on a general "approval or like" as in social networks, but on the fact that there is interesting content.

In fact, the goal of online engagement is precisely to gather more and better ideas; and to involve new and relevant people.

By clicking on the "interesting" button, you indicate who's bringing the best ideas to the conversations, and whose voices should be heard.

And these votes count: in each workshop one person will be selected by the animators to attend the Digital Agenda Assembly based on the number of contributions and of "interesting" votes they received. This year's Assembly has limited places but you will help to choose who can attend!

4 June 2013
Last update: 
4 June 2013