Disclaimer: This is a guest blog post written by Dr. A. Bagnato, Project Manager at Softeam.

The EC FP7 projects OSSMETER/MARKOS/PROSE projects are proud to host the "Open Source Software: Peeking Backstage"  exhibition booth at the ICT 2013 event in the Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO in Vilnius, 6-8 November 2013.

ICT 2013 is the premier EU event on ICT research & innovation with more than 4000 attendees expected, it is considered the kick-off event for the next big EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, named Horizon 2020.

The exhibition has five thematic areas and OSSMETER/MARKOS/PROSE will be located in the the “Intelligence connecting Intelligence” zone (cluster 4). Our booth number is 4A10.

As this is a joint exhibition by different projects funded within the FP7-ICT programme, we shall be able to demonstrate different findings and results of our research:

Automated Measurement and Analysis of Open Source Software

OSSMETER [Automated Measurement and Analysis of Open Source Software]  shall illustrate interesting facts and statistics in the form of infographics about the development, size, use and evolution of popular open source software (e.g. Firefox, OpenOffice, Linux) extracted using the tools developed within the proposing projects. We shall also provide live demonstrations for experts in the area of software measurement and analysis and for industrially-oriented participants who are interested in developing tighter links with the proposing projects with the intention to exploit their results in the future.

The Market for Open Source - An Intelligent Virtual Open Source Project

MARKOS [The Market for Open Source - An Intelligent Virtual Open Source Project]  shall demonstrate its first prototype, allowing FLOSS developers to search across open source forges on the web in an accurate way: filtering on the kind of software entities (classes, methods, packages, libraries, …), their relationships (inheritance, inclusion, linking, …), their license models (reciprocal or not reciprocal, compatibility with specific licenses …), and showing results at semantic level (different copies of the same entity replicated in different projects are identified and shown once with their attributes). The system aims to show how results of one project are adopted by other projects and to support collaboration using linked data and notification mechanisms. Differently from others, this solution focuses on the relationships among the software entities (instead than on the text of their code) and integrates advanced features for identifying the cause of possible license infringements and to remove them.

A platform for hosting FLOSS projects

PROSE [A platform for hosting FLOSS projects] shall demonstrate its Software Forge Platform, hosted at OpenSourceProjects.eu a platform that can assist the EU ICT community in their development and release process of Open Source software. The platform can boost collaboration between project participants as well as across projects and ultimately fostering a better development model for ICT projects, providing development tools (git, svn), collaboration tools (wikis, mailing lists), and documentation (legal or business) for ICT projects.

The aim of this exhibition booth is to enhance the audience’s understanding of open-source software and inform decision makers about the latest developments in the area of automated measurement and analysis of open-source software. There is a growing diversity among FLOSS adopters in specific community projects, with broad developer networks and commercial community projects, which provide vendor independent support channels offering varying levels of support. In this scenario, the need for tools and services measuring, monitoring and providing an integrated view of FLOSS projects becomes of paramount importance in FLOSS adoption and integration within enterprises. This is increasingly important in the current economic climate which creates additional incentives for companies - and in particular SMEs - to increase efficiency and quality in the software production process and lower costs by building atop of high-quality OSS solutions instead of reimplementing similar products from scratch. In this perspective, the exhibition will empower the European software industry with a set of tools to allow their developers and software designers to explore, compare, integrate and customise of Open Source solutions in an efficient and systematic manner, while avoiding the pitfalls of license conflicts and incompatibility.

Quick facts:

Venue: Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO in Vilnius. You can find us on booth: 4A10 in cluster 4, intelligent connecting intelligence. See you in Vilnius!

Date: 6 - 8 November 2013

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21 October 2013
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