--- Posted by Nicole Dewandre & Freddy Dezeure, Digital Agenda ambassadors for Belgium

Although the European Commission is located in Brussels, the Digital Agenda will be going local in Belgium this Autumn!

You may ask: "Why are we going local in Belgium if the European Commission is already based in Brussels?" Well, to meet with the Belgians who are involved in shaping tomorrow's Belgium and European digital landscape and  learn from them about their progress, their concerns, their expectations from the European Commission regarding the digital transition.

Our first stop will be Brussels next week – the 11th October! You can also pencil two other dates into your calendar if you want to attend the events that have been scheduled in Namur on the 24th November and in Antwerp on the 29th November.

On the 11th October, together with a team composed of colleagues from DG INFSO and from the European Commission's representation in Belgium, we will be taking part in the so-called seminar "Table Ronde sur la Stratégie Numérique  pour l'Europe" organised in partnership with the Belgian Federal Ministry of Economy.

The seminar will be hosted by the SPF Economie - City Atrium, Rue du Progrès 50 - and will start at 9:00. You are welcome to join us but would need to register first by sending an email. The working languages will be Dutch and French.

It will be a great opportunity to discuss the progress made and the expectations left in several areas related the Digital Agenda for Europe. For instance: where does Belgium stand regarding bandwidth and broadband networks? Is the digital single market a reality for Belgian consumers and service providers? Is digital inclusion enough taken into account when new policies are developed? How can ICT improve the quality of public services? Are we on the right track regarding research, development and innovation? Is the ICT sector as good as it could be regarding energy savings?

You can also make your voice heard sharing your expectations for the current and future actions of the Digital agenda by engaging online with us. Join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter typing #daelocal_BE in your message.

3 October 2011
Last update: 
28 October 2014