TEFIS is a portal for easy access to different Future Internet experimentation services

TEFIS is a portal for easy access a wide set of different testing-services offered by fore-front testbeds in Europe and World-wide to support Future Internet experimentation. It also provides the opportunity for collaboration among different actors involved in the design and development of solutions for today´s and tomorrow’s Internet.

TEFIS brings testbed providers and experimenters together in one single access-point. For testbed providers TEFIS benefits are higher flexibility in service-offerings by combining individual services with others as well as to get support for visibility and market attraction of the testbed facility TEFIS has been developed and validated by a diverse set of Future Internet experiments in different domains. By TEFIS the experimenters can locate, select and exploit fore-front testbed service-offerings in one single place. By this their cost of service and applications development is decreased.

Welcome to explore TEFIS on www.tefisportal.eu or to watch some videos about TEFIS and its usage: http://www.tefisproject.eu/videos-to-know-more-about-tefis

Improving a Smart Ski application

scThe TEFIS Smart Ski Resort experiment involved the use of 3 of the TEFIS testbeds in order to improve the mobile ski application deployed in Megève ski resort.

Experts from Botnia Living Lab taught Living Lab methodology to the tourism board. The University of Geneva coordinated the trials of collaborative wi-fi sharing, initially simulated, between skiers on the ski slopes. The SME, which provides the mobile ski application, involved PlanetLab and IMS experts from the TEFIS portal in order to improve the performance of the mobile ski application.

More about this experiment is available in a dedicated publication.

Supporting an advanced remote teaching experiment


The TEFPOL solution is an advanced platform for remote teaching under development by researchers at Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC) in Poland. To further improve the solution researchers in Poznań accessed resources provided by three different testbeds including end-users in Sweden. A biology lesson was held to validate the TEFPOL solution with real teachers and students. Thee video about TEFPOL experiment.

"To run this advanced experiment wouldn´t have been possible without TEFIS and their connected testbeds.  Now we can move forward to the  next step of the development considering user feedback on quality of service and usefulness and make important future decisions for technical improvements" - Tomasz Kuczyński, Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center(PSNC)

Personalized mobile on-demand applications

on-demand1The QUEENS experiment exploited TEFIS towards establishing, assessing, and prototyping a novel framework for user-controlled quality in on-demand multimedia applications.  By using the application a user can choose his/her preferred video-quality when watching a mobile video depending on available bandwidth, individual user-preferences etc.  

"TEFIS made it possible for us to trial and elaborate on a new service to be available on the market in a near future" - Panagiotis Vlahopoulos, Product Manager at VELTI.

"The design, experimentation and validation process of complex research activities becomes easy with TEFIS" - Giorgos Aristomenopoulos, Researcher at ICCS

Handling Internet traffic-jam


OPENER is a new network management framework under development to bring network administrators and application developer higher control over the resources by offering a programming interface. When traffic load in a network is high enough to exceed the pre-configured maximum threshold, the monitoring system raises an alarm in the network management service to trigger the bypass setup. This Internet scenario can be transferred into a traffic-management system; when there is a lot-of traffic-jam, traffic is re-routed on other roads.

This experiment were using two different TEFIS connected testbeds: Planetlab and KYATERA testbed in Brazil.

“TEFIS helped us to easily access testbeds remotely as well as to configure and re-run our experiment in an easy way” - Marcel Garcia, one of the experimenters at the Advanced Network Architectures Lab at UPC in Spain.

13 May 2013
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29 August 2013