The StartUp Europe Roadshow is still rolling. Catch up with past and upcoming events now.

StartUp Europe Roadshow still going strong

Which of you has attended the StartUp Europe Roadshow as it makes its way across the continent? If so, in that case you are the lucky ones! You were to witness the enthusiasm of young entrepreneurs and innovators and the energy they share to reach their goals!

The StartUp Europe Roadshow has been travelling across Europe for over three months now and continues to help encourage innovators with bright ideas to help build their business. So far the roadshow along with the European Young Innovators Forum (EYIF) has held workshops in Poznan, Paris, Berlin, Olomouc, Athens and Madrid. Future dates and venues scheduled for the Roadshow include Bucharest (June 18th), London (June 20th), Lisbon (July 10 th), Budapest (September 12th) and the final event in Brussels in September.

The StartUp Europe Roadshow is the perfect opportunity for startups and entrepreneurs to meet and network with their peers who have succeeded in establishing themselves as the leaders for European innovation and entrepreneurship. Over 300 participants including Julia Bösch, Founder and Managing Partner of Europe's premier curated shopping service Outfittery, and the man behind Europe's largest car sharing service BlaBlaCar, Frédéric Mazzella, have attended the events to mentor and boost the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs. If you're interested in learning about other success stories, visit the EYIF website here for interviews, videos and photos of people who have made it to the top.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are real options for young Europeans seeking to get ahead with their careers. Young people of Europe want to go digital, they want to use ICT for their business, they want to create startups! [tweet me].

Many young innovators are very keen to learn about the ways in which the European Commission and the EYIF with the Horizon 2020 programme and StartUp Europe Roadshow workshops are able to help startups and entrepreneurs source the much-needed funding. The most common obstacle young innovators and entrepreneurs face is the fear of failure, so crossing paths with the StartUp Europe Roadshow is a step in the right direction.

For more information about the StartUp Europe Roadshow visit or search for the hashtag #StartUpShow on Twitter.


22 May 2014
Last update: 
16 March 2016