I am very proud that the Commission adopted on 27 November 2013 the Report regarding the Second interim evaluation of the ARTEMIS and ENIAC Joint Technology Initiatives. This report appreciates the progress and achievements of the two joint undertakings ARTEMIS and ENIAC. The findings of the evaluation were very helpful in the elaboration of the proposed Council Regulation for the new Joint Undertaking ECSEL (i.e. combining ENIAC and ARTEMIS and bringing EPoSS on board).

ARTEMIS and ENIAC were both established in February 2008 in order to create and implement strategic research programmes in the areas of embedded systems and nanoelectronics. They are public-private partnerships funded by industry along with research organisations, participating Member States and the Commission.

Both ENIAC and Artemis supported successful research projects meant to bring added value to the European citizens. The 52 ARTEMIS projects to date represent a total R&D investment of €990 million. In the ENIAC case, the 50 projects to date represent a total R&D investment of €1.795 billion. And the results of these partnerships exceed expectations!

I am also particularly pleased that the story will have a follow-up; for ENIAC and ARTEMIS the end will be a new beginning. This is because they will be brought together under a common roof, named ECSEL – "Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership". ECSEL will support a European strategy in electronic components and systems allowing the development of a sustainable industrial ecosystem, and providing effective means for European stakeholders to keep pace with technology, to get access to advanced electronic components and systems so as to consolidate/reach leadership in the design and manufacturing of electronic systems for key economic sectors.

ARTEMIS and ENIAC will have their final evaluation in 2017 as part of the interim evaluation foreseen for ECSEL. I hope we will then appreciate once again their further success and achievements.

17 December 2013
Last update: 
16 March 2016