Scientists have been struggling to efficiently use compute infrastructure to resolve scientific problems, spending in the end more time on hardware and operating systems then on their scientific research. But this is now over: the CloudBroker Platform has been developed to provide broad access to commercial clouds and supercomputing centers, allowing scientists and engineers to focus on their core research.

At CloudBroker, a spin-off from ETH and University of Zurich, we have developed the CloudBroker Platform, to make the use of compute intensive applications much easier. Compute intensive applications include simulations, modelling and analysis used in science, research and engineering. The prime markets are life science (genetics, biochemistry, pharma,…) and engineering (developing new solutions or products).

Our platform enables scalability from a single workstation to various public and private cloud infrastructures as well as clusters and supercomputers. Applications can be used on a pay per use basis and do not require investments in infrastructures or application procedures for access.

In the EU-funded SCI-BUS project, we enabled portals containing scientific applications and workflows to access commercial clouds.

Our platform has supported many application cases, allowing them to run on a broad range of compute infrastructures. We are about to start commercialising the platform, and in the meantime, we continue to enhance it in order to extend even further the number of cloud & supercomputer infrastructures available to our customers.

Our ambition is to become the key facilitator for the use of compute intensive applications. From scientists, who have developed their own algorithms, to commercial software companies, we are there to help them deploy their application and enable their customers to use it without access hurdles (such as capital expenses, installation efforts, access to infrastructures, …). Our biggest challenge is to spread our offer more efficiently to our target groups worldwide (researchers developing software and software companies) and across countless domain niches. This is why we are also looking to increase our network of partners to distribute our service.

Visit us at the Innovation Radar booth during ICT 2015 for a demo of our Platform and learn about our success stories (Wednesday 21 October, 13:00-15:00), and don't miss our pitch, as part of the Innovation Radar Prize competition. Follow us @CloudBrokerGmbH.