During the ICT2013 Conference, OISPG members will be participating in the Panel discussions and will be present at Booth 11. OISPG Publications can be found also in the Networking areas. The OISPG members will be easily recognizable by their special badges and by their Open Innovation 2.0 spirit!

The Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Grou

p (OISPG) will be present during the ICT2013 Conference in Vilnius with the aim to introduce the innovation evolution in the Open Innovation 2.0 Paradigm. The OISPG members are working together towards creating an ecosystem where things can really happen and where ideas become reality with the involvement of the different players in their various capacities: industrialists, researchers, public institution representatives, and citizens.

During the ICT2013, OISPG will be advocating the need for Europe to move forward into a more holistic approach where the ideas that matter are being experimented and prototyped in a real world setting. In fact, the Open Innovation Group stands behind the understanding that every idea has a potential. OISPG invites people to share their own inventivity and be spontaneously creative. ICT2013 Conference will also be the place where the Group will present its first major online project – The OI24U Community. The online space 'Open Innovation 2.0 for You' is the result of putting together the outcome of various reports, articles and expert opinions. They all confirm that innovative ideas are mostly 'screen-based', but only few are shaped in the real world setting. The OI24U Community is an online idea-sharing space where everyone is invited to share any whim, creative impulse, idea or a whole project with the aim to make it happen and to put it forward in a win-win environment.   

Being wrong and unsecured is not always a bad thing. Curiosity and uncertainty might lead to innovation in a Quadruple Helix Environment: others help the improvement of the idea in order to make it all the more relevant for a real life implementation. The often used Triple Helix innovation is not taking into account the societal capital, i.e. the citizens. Quadruple helix is suggesting the users to be seamlessly integrated throughout the innovation process, as active agents and not only as subjects for the enterprises, calling them customers. Moreover, the Quadruple Helix opens even more the innovation funnel and creates a coherent ecosystem. OISPG bases its thinking on the values of this model and invites everyone to be part of the Open Innovation 2.0 set-up.


17 October 2013
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22 October 2013