Fifteen automotive suppliers take part in vehicle technology exhibition event in Brussels.

Guest blog post by Gabriel Simcic, iMobility Challenge Coordinator at Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile; the author does not work for the European Commission

On 18th of March, automotive technology suppliers will gather at the iMobility Challenge event in Autoworld, Brussels. There they will exhibit and demonstrate latest advancements in the field of intelligent mobility. “iMobility” refers to all new vehicle systems that remedy the ills of road transportation: accidents, pollution, congestion, delays. It is about combining innovative technologies that make driving cleaner, safer and more efficient.

Let’s take an example: in the near future, when a crash happens, eCall equipped cars will automatically call the nearest emergency center for rescue. Even if no passenger is able to speak, due to injuries, a 'Minimum Set of Data' will be sent, including the exact location of the crash site. Emergency services will therefore know that there has been an accident, where exactly, and be able to intervene faster.

eCall is one of the many applications that will be made possible thanks to the advent of connectivity in cars. Connected cars will play an important role in our future mobility. Linking real-time traffic information to a car’s infotainment structure for example will make cars more intelligent and able to plan ahead for most efficient, less congested routes. This means energy, money and time savings to consumers.

The iMobility Challenge vehicle technology event will open with a keynote speech from the Digital Agenda Commissioner, Neelie Kroes. In the course of the day a panel of speakers from top tier automotive suppliers will then present latest vehicle technology innovations in the field of safe, efficient and connected mobility. The event will allow for the exchange of information and expertise between iMobility technology providers and the policy-makers that are working on respective legislative frameworks. A central attraction of the event will be the 15 technology exhibitors’ stands where visitors will have a chance to network and experience new technologies for themselves. To attend the event, register via

iMobility Challenge and the iMobility Forum

iMobility Challenge is an FP7 project coordinated by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). Its aim is to campaign to accelerate the deployment of intelligent mobility systems and raise consumer and policy makers’ awareness of the benefits of new vehicle technologies. The project is supporting a European Commission initiative, the iMobility Forum: a vast network of organisations working together to accelerate the deployment of intelligent transport systems. To find out more about the event in Brussels on 18th of March and future demonstration events, visit or follow the project on Facebook (iMobilityChallenge) and twitter (@iMobChallenge).


18 February 2014
Last update: 
15 December 2014