ICT for Societal Challenges - a real opportunity for Europe and you can be part of it !

The long-awaited Horizon 2020 programme is here, and ICT has an important role to play in it.  We are looking for interoperable ICT solutions and ICT that creates breakthroughs for real life problems. We also invite you to work across disciplines and re-use solutions.

There are seven societal challenges in Horizon 2020, and there is ICT in all of them. Would you like to know more about new ICT-related funding opportunities? This video will give you a broader picture:

To find out more information, please visit the Horizon 2020 Programme website. The section Information and Communication Technologies in Horizon 2020 contains more detailed information on the specific ICT-related aspects of the Programme.

18 December 2013
Last update: 
14 February 2014