How to unlock the potential of ICT and web entrepreneurs for boosting the digital economy and creating growth and jobs: this is one of the topics being discussed in the Digital Agenda Assembly next 19th and 20th June in Dublin. Join the online debate towards the DAA 2013 and follow the hashtag #da13entre.

As the European Union (EU) is facing the most severe economic crisis in 50 years, with the unemployed breaking the 25 million threshold, supporting new, fast-growing and innovative enterprises and unleashing the potential of ICT and web entrepreneurs are key policy priorities.

Tech and web entrepreneurs have an enormous impact on society and play a crucial role in creating sustainable and high added value jobs as well as in shaping the future path of EU economic growth. However, they also have specific characteristics and, thus, particular needs which call for tailored support measures, and much remains to be done to create favourable conditions and improve the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

These challenges are at the heart of the European Commission’s work on Strengthening the environment for Web entrepreneurs in the EU, which builds on the priorities launched by the Entrepreneurship action plan, under the heading “Unleashing business opportunities in the digital age”, and is part of the European Commission's ambitious strategy to support the growing community of EU digital and web entrepreneurs.

New and concrete actions are envisaged to promote a renewed culture of innovation and talent development at European level, by enhancing access to finance and to other resources such as expertise, technology, services or logistics to support, by strengthening networking, celebrating success stories and increasing their visibility as role models across Europe.

Once again, this year, the Digital Agenda Assembly (DAA, Dublin, June 19thand 20th ), will be an opportunity to bring together key stakeholders and assess the progress made as well as the challenges lying ahead. One of the workshops of the DAA will be devoted to finding concrete measures and solutions to help tech and web entrepreneurs to grow and develop their business. One month before the Assembly an online discussion has been launched to reach out to new actors and seek out new inspiring initiatives.

What are the biggest challenges faced by entrepreneurs, and by web entrepreneurs in particular, during the current economic crisis?, How can the European Commission and the Member states help existing innovative start-ups and fast-growing enterprises to scale up and become bigger companies?, How can more European digitally-skilled young people be convinced to become web and ICT entrepreneurs?: these are some of the questions launched.

The debate has already dug up some interesting areas of discussion and more questions will be added: you are welcome to join the group on tech entrepreneurs, share your thoughts and add your story.

Moreover, this year we also want to gather inspiring high-impact initiatives such as Startup Europe helping to achieve the goals of the Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE): if you are part of such projects, add your initiative on the map of the Digital Agenda for Europe. The most relevant, innovative and successful ones will be presented at the Assembly.

14 June 2013
Last update: 
2 July 2015