Results of a public consultation are now available.

- Posted by Michael Ziegler, DG CONNECT,  Photonics unit*

Innovative lighting products for general in- and outdoor lighting applications based on light-emitting diode technology (LED and OLED) are relatively new in the marketplace but slowly gaining ground. In 2011 they represented close to 13% of the European general lighting market. While the lighting industry promises low electricity consumption and very long lifetimes as well as improved lighting quality and new opportunities for lighting design, European consumers and professional users...

... still hesitate to buy LED lighting products. They often lack reliable information on these new products or are concerned about their long-term quality, while purchasing costs are high compared to other well-established lighting products.

These are just some of the main findings from a public consultation on the Green Paper "Lighting the Future: accelerating the deployment of innovative lighting technologies" undertaken by the European Commission earlier this year. 125 interested parties submitted their views on existing challenges for a wider market uptake of LED-based lighting solutions and how to overcome them. The full report on the results of the public consultation reflecting the views from citizens and more than 100 stakeholder organisations (SMEs, large companies, cities, public authorities, professional associations and research organisations), has just been published and can be downloaded from the consultation website.

* Mission statement of Photonics unit: Photonics is a key enabling technology that drives innovation in communications, lighting and manufacturing. It provides solutions to such societal challenges as energy efficiency, sustainable healthcare, safety and security and environment. We will:

  1. Deploy existing financial instruments for research & innovation in this field.
  2. Draw up the first work programme for photonics and for organic electronics under Horizon 2020.
  3. Set up a new Public-Private Partnership that will help drive innovation in this area under Horizon 2020.
  4. Develop, following an open consultation a strategy for the large scale deployment of solid state lighting.


1 October 2012
Last update: 
16 March 2016