It is with both satisfaction and "great expectations" that I participated in the Stakeholder Engagement Forum (SEF) workshop held on 29.11.2013 in Instituto de Microelectrónica from Barcelona.

Satisfaction, because this meeting with the electronics industry representatives subscribed to the view that a healthy electronics sector is an essential part of the European economy. Electronics support innovation and competitiveness in all economic sectors. And even more encouraging, industry in Europe is ready to engage full force.

Therefore we launched an electronics strategy for Europe in May 2013. As part of the strategy we have put forward ECSEL: a €5 billion public-private partnership between industry, the Member States and the EU, due to be up and running next year. Implementing the strategy concerns most if not all industrial players in Europe – including those to whom we have to reach out. And it will ultimately only succeed with their full engagement.

Expectations, because we need to continue the good work and each of us has their role to play and contribution to make. The Electronics Leader Group worked very hard to get the industrial strategic roadmap for the electronics industry in Europe ready before the end of the year and inform Vice-President Kroes of it. The input of the SEF was in this context very valuable and helpful.

The meeting focused on the main aspects of this roadmap and included parallel discussions on topics like Electronic Products and Markets, Capacity building in Europe, developing a world competitive electronics eco-system in Europe and future technologies (you can check all topics on our "electronics community" website).

After a fruitful day of discussions I went back to Brussels with the ambition to keep going – up to the next milestone!

17 December 2013
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16 March 2016