Going Local Romania: Digital Agenda inspires new ideas and gives better perspectives

Going Local Romania: Digital Agenda inspires new ideas and gives better perspectives

--- Posted by the Going Local team for Romania

Romania is committed to make steps forward in order to accomplish the objectives covered by the Digital Agenda for Europe, but further needs guidance from the European Commission and DG INFSO. This was the conclusion drawn after the conferences and workshops that took place in this country in 2011.

The "Going Local" and "Going Really Local" exercises are over for now, the last event took place on 9 November in Bucharest. These were set in a series of events organised either by the Romanian Ministry of Communications and Information Society, or by the private sector:


  • -   Bucharest – 26-27 May 2011 -National Event “Communications Day”
  • -   Bucharest -  16-17 September 2011, eduVision 2020 conference
  • -   Timisoara – 3 October 2011 “Digital Agenda for Romania” conference
  • -   Iasi – 6 October 2011 “Digital Agenda for Romania” conference
  • -   Cluj – 11 October 2011 “Digital Agenda for Romania” conference
  • -   Bucharest – 9 November “iNet” conference



Practically, all the roundtables and conferences covered all the pillars of the Digital Agenda and both private sector and public administration were strongly represented. A lot of inspiring ideas and proposals floated in the air and the participants were committed to make their contribution for a better and digitalised Romanian society.

Romania is lagging behind in most of the chapters, especially broadband and e-commerce. However, with guidance and strategic approach from central and local authorities, the situation can be changed.

Some of the ideas brought up during the discussion:

1 -     The implementation of a digital culture project similar to Europeana which should bring together, in an  electronic form, information from Romanian museums, art galleries, libraries, national archives;

2 -     The use of social media by stakeholders and public authorities in order to spread the information, but also to gather ideas from the trend-setters or from the digital-natives;

3 -     The use of creative and attractive applications to bring ICT closer to the adult population;

4 -     Introduction in the school curricula the learning of basic ICT knowledge;

5 -    PPP – the need for the simplification of  procedures and easier access to information;

6 -     On cloud-computing, the development of national programmes of "demo & awareness";

7 -     The need to break the monopoly on the market of internet providers in rural areas.

You can access the PowerPoint presentation of the Digital Agenda made in Romanian and watch Florin Lupescu's key note speech during EduVision 2020 Conference.

You can also find more pictures and other details on the events organised in Romania on Agora.ro or by following us on twitter using the hasthag #daelocal_ro

Picture: Going local in Cluj - Source: agora.ro

1 October 2012
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