Mexican cities, SMEs and start-ups will soon be able to build new digital apps and services using open source and cloud-based building blocks developed in the EU. The EU-funded FIWARE programme has already helped many European entrepreneurs to use its components to develop innovative internet apps and services.

I am happy I had the opportunity to attend the Fiware event in Mexico City on 13th October. The Fiware platform, part of the EU Public-Private Partnership on the Future Internet, and the Startup Europe initiative, will enable Mexican organisations to develop advanced Internet applications and services on top of innovative technologies, supported by local digital infrastructures. Fiware aims at developing a huge range of applications, from Smart Cities to eHealth, and from transport to disaster management. Many applications have already been built using Fiware – earthquake warning system, food waste prevention, and Smartaxi apps, to name just a few.

If you want to know more about some of these apps, have a look at these videos:

The two Fiware Lab sites, Aguas Calientes and Mexico City, will increase their computing capacity, and external parties, like SMEs, start-ups and cities, are encouraged to develop innovative Internet applications and services. Students can also explore the latest Internet technologies, advanced research and innovation. Applications developed on the Mexican Fiware sites could be easily used in Europe and vice versa.

Three major cities, Tijuana, Queretaro and Guadalajara, have already signed up to lead a larger deployment of new Fiware-based applications and services for their citizens and businesses. Tijuana is looking to Fiware to identify new solutions for better traffic management while Queretaro aims at developing new environmental services to improve the quality of life for citizens in this densely industrialised city.

I am very pleased with the cooperation with Mexico so far. The event on the 13th of October was for me another milestone in this successful cooperation that only started in March 2014. We and our colleagues in the Fiware programme in Europe have had excellent discussions with Mexican organisations, in particular Infotec and Tecnologico de Monterrey. This exchange follows a long tradition of collaborative technology in research and development between Mexico and the EU, supported by Mexico’s Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (National Council for Science and Technology, Conacyt) and the European Commission.

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