European Investor Gate is about to launch their 2nd e-Pitch session. Get involved now!

European StartUps and entrepreneurs embody a clever and highly motivated community that's always on the lookout for new ideas and ways to promote great innovation. A serious hurdle for Europe's innovators is gaining access to investment and support. Today technology lets entrepreneurs and StartUps bridge the gap and speak directly with multiple investors at the click of a button.

European Investor Gate (EIG) is one of the pioneer projects of Startup Europe aimed at facilitating the connection between ideas and investment. In collaboration with EuroQuity, EIG held the first of its successful e-Pitches on 24 April this year with a new session planned for the 8 July. Candidates need to apply by the 30 May to try and take part in this second session. EIG partners will select six applicants between 20-22 June and inform successful applicants by 23 June.

Other e-Pitch sessions will be organised, every two months. [tweet me].

These e-Pitches enable StartUps and entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to registered investors via a web conferencing tool and media platform. As a result, both parties benefit from a faster and more dynamic collaboration with multiple players which could result in elevating things to the next level.

For the first of EIG's e-Pitches, six innovative IT-companies from France, Germany and Italy that were in the early stage of funding presented their ideas to 30 investors from across Europe.

These six innovators included:

  • QYMATIX (DE) a Business intelligence tool for efficient data analysis
  • DIGITAL WORKX (DE) a revolutionary solution for supervising and correcting errors in production processes
  • OGARIT (FR) offering comprehensive and modular cloud-based tools that meet all needs and challenges of feed and food businesses
  • BISTRI (FR) a new generation video communication platform for developers to embed video calls and conferences inside any web site or mobile application, without any software or plugin
  • SERENEO (FR)presenting an intuitive modelling tool that enables experts to dynamically describe what they know, and a powerful and fully customized server that transmits this know-how in real time to company agents who are involved in the customer experience; and Italy
  • ALLEANTIA (IT) offering a new Internet of Things solution which makes any possible device and sensor interoperable – no matter which vendor or technology is behind the devices.

Following each innovators 8 minute pitch via web-cam, the investors took the time to learn more about each companies business model, income, clientele and of course the new technology at work. The EIG Community and EuroQuity facilitate the collaboration between innovators and investors by providing a video recording of each pitch along with links and contact information so that a strong and healthy relationship could be the outcome of such a successful event.

The second EIG e-Pitch will be held on 8 July 2014 with more scheduled for the future. For information about EIG and the first e-Pitch click here. If you would like to follow-up with one of the companies, register on

27 May 2014
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27 January 2015