Imagine tripping up in your favourite pair of stilettos - unthinkable right?! Well the EU Cloud Scout lets SMEs stroll through a simple online tool providing them with guided, tailored information and recommendations on their use of Cloud without tripping up along the way.

EU Cloud Scout and that 4 inch pair of high-heels

What will the 10th July 2014 be remembered for? Well, it was the day the world bid farewell to the legendary Eileen Ford, dame of the modelling industry and creator of Ford Models. The 10th July 2014 also marked the “fitting” launch of the EU Cloud Scout. The event was honoured to host VP of the EC Neelie Kroes, who shared with the attendees her vision on Cloud and provided her energetic support to the EU Cloud Scout adventure.

Cloud Scout is a new on-line tool that is tailor-made to fit every country’s requirements, helping them “jog” along at their own pace. Cloud Scout has an EU-wide (English) version, as well as versions already up and running for Austria, Belgium (French & Flemish), Finland, Germany, Hungary, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Christian P. Illek, CEO of DsiN said : “many SME businesses are uncertain about the risks & opportunities of cloud computing. Frequently, the reason is insufficient knowledge. The EU Cloud Scout is designed to help SMEs to better understand the advantages as well as IT security and privacy issues for their business”.
All the SME user needs to do is respond to 14 straightforward questions. Once completed, he/she gets a final report offering a guide to SMEs on the next steps to take with some basic answers. Of course, the tool does not replace a proper legal or IT audit of the company’s systems. What it does do, is to put the SME on the right track to leap & bound with consolidated information on issues, such as security, technical, economic & legal aspects. With this up their sleeves, SMEs don’t need to  eat into hourly resources that are precious for an SME, like my own. I can take my 1st step in getting to grips with the cloud without “limping” my way through the fine print jargon of cloud computing because Cloud Scout is in a language I feel comfortable with. I might even end up running my way to the cloud - even with my stilettos on!
Three other SMEs came along to tell us how they are benefitting from the cloud and how they see Cloud Scout making a difference to other firms.  Jörg Hickethier, CEO & Founder, Colleon AG, Mainz, Germany: “as a debt-collector with many clients cross-border, we benefit greatly from the cloud as it enables clients and staff to access their documents and applications just by opening their web browser - wherever they are.
Daniele Krauss, CTO of FlixBUS thinks Cloud Scout is an: “incredibly good tool to enter the area of cloud computing, especially if you are an SME. It really gives you a quick overview of all topics which matter for your decision to move certain services to the cloud, including legal and data protection aspects”.
Michael Littger, the General Manager of DsiN added: “Trust is key for SME to use innovative cloud services. Cloud Scout helps to build such trust by providing helpful information for decision makers”.
VP EC Neelie Kroes wrapped up the event with some food for thought on our younger generation, especially the urgent need to get youth unemployment down. As an SME and a proud mother of 2 little girls, I always appreciate the essence & energy VP Kroes’s messages, which I perceive as inspirational & tangible. Knowing also that this tool could, in some way, pave the way, help young people with new ideas, I went away thinking we had really achieved something that can make a difference. So with that thought, we signed off in great style thanks to the fashionable footwear!


VP EC Neelie Kroes requested to endorse that the EUCloudScout be translated in all 26 languages.
Rainer Zinow Senior VP of cloud at SAP confirmed that a truly functioning single market and trust-building measures such as the Cloud Scout are essential for Europe to reap the benefits of cloud computing.
All we need now is to turn all those Talkers into Great Walkers – with the best shoes money can buy (whichever gender point of view you look at it)!

So try out the EU Cloud Scout, it won’t cost you a thing.

Silvana Muscella 
CEO Trust-IT & Coordinator of CloudWATCH

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16 July 2014
Last update: 
16 March 2016