2016 is when many elements of our DSM strategy will get going. This is a year where we move into delivery mode, with many proposals and legislative initiatives ahead. Debates, results of consultations, and policy proposals.

From Digital Agenda to Digital Single Market

We want to keep you informed and remain open to your feedback. That's why we are consulting and will be available to meet you at several events.
This week we start by updating our online presence to match this policy emphasis.
There will be changes in terms of labelling, and a limited restructuring of content, together with new names and handles for our social media accounts.
We're simplifying and reducing. The Commission Directorate-General which I have the honour to lead, DG CONNECT is at the heart of much of the DSM work. So we've decided to merge the content of the current DG CONNECT website with the new DSM website.
We want to engage with you and share attractive content on social media, so from Thursday 25 February we will rebrand our web presence. We will be using the Digital Single Market as the name for our central account across all social networks. We are keeping our family of over 40 thematic Twitter accounts and we are looking forward to strengthening their engagement with you on those more specific themes.
This week we're holding the Digital4EU Stakeholder Forum, the first big event of the year where we'll be discussing the progress in the creation of a Digital Single Market (DSM). We're working to deliver President Juncker's digital priorities.
If you can't be there in person, come back to our new website and watch the livestream on 25 February for a new perspective on Europe's Digital Single Market. And stay tuned – we will livestream all our major events.
We are looking forward to see you - as you prefer online or offline.