--- Posted by Professor Luis Tavares, Technical University of Lisbon, session moderator at #dsm12.

The Danish Presidency of the European Union is hosting a High Level Conference on the Digital Single Market in Copenhagen, 27-28 February 2012. I am moderating a session, which will focus on how to create coherent e-procurement in Europe. Coherent e-procurement holds enormous potential for improving cross border commerce in Europe and for reducing expenses in the private and public sectors.

Twenty years after the landmark of the European Single Market there are strong evidences concerning several barriers reducing cross-border flows. These are particularly severe for public procurement (less than 5%) despite its economic importance (more than 17% of GDP).

Therefore, major issues to be discussed in this session are:

A – Which barriers are deterring the growth of cross-border public e-procurement in EU despite all drives in favour of globalization and market integration?

B – How can a Digital Single Market help to avoid such barriers?

C – How can webization and cloud-computing paradigm help to ease communication between different players (buyers or suppliers) using their own systems?

D – How can such different systems previously developed in each Member State be a help rather than an obstacle to build on them the Single Digital Market by 2015?

E – Which specific steps on public e-procurement should be given to achieve a full single public market by 2015?

F – Which new opportunities for digital business can be offered by such steps and which new generation of tools and services should be promoted to contribute to innovation, sustainability and growth?

To discuss these issues, we have convened a panel of distinguished and knowledgeable European experts: Mr Alain Deckers, Head of Unit, E-procurement and economic analysis, Directorate-General for Internal Market and Services, European Commission; Mr Thomas Beergrehn, Managing director of EUS Holdings Ltd; Mr. Luca Mastrogregori, Head of e-procurement strategies, Public Administration Purchases Department in Italy.

You can follow the discussions on twitter at #dsm12 and #da12proc. For the full programme, please visit the conference website I hope you will contribute to the discussion by commenting below or vote on the contributions of others. The contributions receiving the most votes will be presented and discussed in Copenhagen.

Source picture: European Parliament 2012

24 February 2012
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18 June 2015