Ice cream and digital public services at CeBIT 2014

Build, connect, taste!

What's better than an ice cream as a welcome during the five sunny days in Hannover at CeBIT? The world’s leading IT event for decision-makers in Hannover (Germany) hosted again the five Large Scale Pilots projects (LSPs), in the Public Sector Parc, in the e-Sens booth, now collecting all further steps of the projects under a single umbrella. The LSPs showcased their solutions through devices such as a Touch Table, an interactive map of Europe and radio-frequency identification (RFID) Legos, which could be combined to illustrate the different "building blocks" and domains of application offered by the projects.

The projects used a unique attraction to synthetize the methodology and rephrase their motto (build-connect-grow): a free ice-cream bar, in which you could make up the ice cream you desire by combining different tastes. In the same way the components of the different projects can be combined to obtain other cross border digital services (#buildconnecttaste, #buildconnectgrow).

Hundreds of young people joined in to listen to the information provided by the project teams, enjoying the visualisation of the concepts. This facilitated the understanding of the European added value of the whole set of projects and their impact on our lives.

The recently adopted Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) regulation will allow to connect Europe's public services through digital bridges for the benefit of citizens, businesses and public administrations. The LSP projects will pave the way towards a number of cross-border digital service infrastructures foreseen in CEF via the provision of consolidated building blocks piloted in the Member States with industry and other partners.

If you missed the ice cream, you can still learn more about the project in the online magazine "Build Connect".

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19 March 2014
Last update: 
16 March 2016