If you’re carrying out a project in the field of Digital Skills and Jobs, put your initiative on the map of the DAE! The most relevant, novel and impactful initiatives will be presented at the Assembly and will take part in the DAE working groups. We look forward to discovering your opinion and actions!

The Digital Agenda Assembly (Dublin, June 19th/20th) will bring together the key stakeholders and take stock of the progress. Just as in 2011 and 2012, the month before the Assembly is also the time of a vibrant online discussion and an occasion for reaching out to actors, typically less involved in EU policy discussions but still very influential. Last year, your input helped to shape the Review of the Digital Agenda for Europe.  

One year on, the question of ICT and job creation is still high on the political agenda. As Vice-President Kroes put it: “From 2006 to 2010, the number of ICT graduates actually shrank by 10%; pretty soon, Europe could face one million unfilled ICT jobs. At a time of unemployment – wouldn’t that be absolutely crazy?”

This is why the EU Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs was created; to enhance new forms of collaboration especially between the corporate world and the training and education sector; to fill the jobs of today and tomorrow; to make a difference not just continue business as usual.

In this respect it is not just about digital jobs today but about the digital skills and opportunities we give our young people for their tomorrow.  To quote Vice-President Kroes again:"The digital world is not just about machines and microchips: it's about giving people the tools to make their lives better, achieve their dreams and maximise their opportunities. Soon 90% of jobs could require digital skills: yet not enough Europeans are getting them. .. we can change this trend from the classroom."

One of the DAA workshops is devoted to discuss these problems and the solutions, with particular regard to the Grand Coalition pledges of different actors and looking at how we can shape education to deliver the skills we need through the use of ICT. The online discussion has already started to address the drivers & opportunities of learning in the digital age, such as:

More questions will be added, we look forward to hearing your views: join the new DAE community platform, the group on digital skills for jobs and learning as well as the Grand Coalition group on LinkedIn.

But this year it’s not only about discussion: we want to gather inspiring high impact initiatives that help achieving the goals of the DAE.

Contributors: Marietta Grammenou [DG CONNECT, Policy Officer], Joanna Sterzynska-Lindberg [Policy and Communication Officer]

28 May 2013
Last update: 
30 July 2015