Some afterthoughts following the Smart Systems Integration Brokerage event from 11-03-2014 held in Brussels at the Commission's headquarter – the Berlaymont

From aspiration to innovation

Preparing the future is a task everybody should envisage in their private and professional lives. The future is not just something that happens, it is something we live.

Bearing this in mind, the Components Unit organised a brokerage event to inform our stakeholders of the opportunities in Horizon 2020 for research and innovation in smart system integration and to provide an opportunity to meet, network and prepare the future.

With almost 100 participants in the room, plus many others watching on-line, the event was truly a success with more than 25 project ideas pitched by many newcomers and each project idea finding interested parties.

The Commission team contributed to the event by guiding the participants through the various documents, by providing concrete advice and by explaining the critical importance of innovation. Horizon 2020 is not business as usual!

If you missed the opportunity to attend, all the presentations and list of participants are available under the smart system integration discussion group. This on-line group is open to everybody who is interested to learn more about 'The Smart Systems Integration Call' and the project ideas, or is simply looking for potential partners.

You can also check out a set of frequently asked questions and answers related to Horizon 2020 - ICT CALL 1 – 2014 ICT2 - Smart System Integration and all the information related to H2020 and future calls for proposals on the most important web-site – 'The Participant Portal'.

The day was intense, the conversations inspiring and the atmosphere very cooperative. The event definitely convinced me that Europe has ideas and an innovation spirit. Good luck to everybody applying! We know that the competition will be tough.  Nevertheless, proposals that score very high on excellence, impact and implementation will make it!

14 March 2014
Last update: 
16 March 2016