--- Posted by Jørgen Abild Andersen, Director General Telecom, Danish Business Authority.

After two days of inspiring speeches and lively debate in Copenhagen on 27-28 February 2012, Europe is one step closer to achieving a Digital Single Market. The high level conference “A Digital Single Market by 2015 – a driver for economic growth and jobs” was organised by the Danish Business Authority representing the Danish EU Presidency and in close cooperation with the European Commission. The conference attracted a total of 270 participants from both Europe and the US.

The conference was the latest event focusing on how we can create a truly Digital Single Market in Europe, following the informal competitiveness Council 2-3 February 2012, the European Council statements and a letter on a European growth plan by twelve European heads of state, all calling for a Digital Single Market sooner rather than later.

The Bella Center was the stage for this two day event that included two high level roundtables on digital economy and connectivity, as well as six thematic sessions on public and private sector issues on everything from cloud, and e-procurement to trust and web-entrepreneurs. All 50+ presentations can be viewed on the conference videos site. At the end of the conference the debate was summarised in the following 4 key messages:

CONNECTIVITY - Europeans must be able to get online, anywhere, anytime and on any device

TRUST - Consumer trust and confidence in eCommerce must be strengthened

DIGITAL MINDSET - Thinking Digital is vital for European growth

DATA – The fuel for the European digital growth engine is our ability to harness the potential of "Big Data"

All in all the conference was visited by more than 200 high level participants from the European member states and institutions, European and international business’ and academia as well as civil society organisations.

The online debate on the Digital Single Market continues on the website www.dsm2012.dk and here on the blog as well as on twitter. So voice your opinion and join us in taking another step towards a Digital Single Market in Europe.

9 March 2012
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18 June 2015