1st Digital Agenda Assembly a success thanks to your contribution and feedback. The Digital Agenda now going local.

--- Posted by "The DAA and Going Local Organising Team"

The 1st Digital Agenda for Europe (DAA11, Brussels, 16-17 June 2011) surpassed expectations, with more than 1600 participants onsite and many contributions online. Thank you very much to all those that contributed in one way or another.

Already during DAA11 many suggestions were made onsite and on twitter about aspects to improve. Soon after DAA11, an assessment form was e-mailed to participants and an online feedback forum was launched.  45 ideas were submitted in this forum, 190 people commented and voted. DAA11 organisers replied to most comments, others didn't call for a response. The answers to the most voted suggestions are:

  • More networking / contacts exchange between participants: facilities for horizontal exchange between participants will be enhanced.
  • Publish all presentations online: most presentations are available in the respective workshops page, and workshop organisers were asked to add missing presentations.
  • Introduce each workshop with a discussion paper: each workshop already had a short text introducing the key issues to be addressed. This will be more elaborated and structured in future.
  • More audience interaction: there were many comments related to more informal/interactive conference. At DAA11 twitter was used as a back-channel for feeding into the discussion. Further experimentation will be done in future regarding online interaction whist keeping in mind that DAA11 is a policy conference, i.e. accessible also to the non-technology savvy. Ideas for and good examples of interactive policy events are welcome!
  • Debategraph: the tool was much appreciated. Visualisation techniques to make sense of complex policy issues will be further explored.

All other answers are available on daa.uservoice.com. On some of them action was already taken, like the DAE tweetchat.


These are very valuable insights on what worked well, what didn't work that well and what was missing or could have been done differently. As organiser of DAA11, the European Commission takes good note of these suggestions in view to improve future activities.

The Digital Assembly is an important step in the annual governance cycle for the delivery of the Digital Agenda, but it is not the only one. As in 2010, a series of meetings will take place in all EU Member States and other European countries, in the second edition of the "Digital Agenda Going Local" exercise. The aim is to follow up on the Digital Agenda actions from a national and progress perspective.

1 October 2012
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16 March 2016