Anna is a Young Advisor from Poland. She works to improve the openness of the law-making processes.


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Anna Mazgal is the Managing Director at Digital Center, a Polish think-and-do-tank interested in the influence of ICT on society, its institutions and its practices. She worked for Ashoka Innovators for the Public and used to be the Program Director for Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia at Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe, a major regional US-based private grantmaker. She is also a member of Civic Legislative Forum, a cross-sectoral expert group advocating for a greater, transparent inclusion of citizens into law-making processes and for improving the quality of law-making through introduction of evidence-based methodology and regulatory impact assessment.

She says: "I have gained a broad perspective on how technology shapes society and aids civil society organisations in fulfilling their roles as advocates, transmitters and watchdogs".