Africa is the continent where the technological and digital divides are the widest. However, ICTs offer Africa tremendous opportunities to leapfrog into the future.

African Union

The European Union's core ICT policy priorities with respect to inclusive growth and development in Africa revolve around:

  • the harmonisation and alignment of the e-communications policies and regulatory frameworks between the EU and Africa;
  • the interconnection of their respective Research and Education Network (REN) infrastructures;
  • the support of ICT capacity building in Africa through the uptake and better understanding of the new emerging technologies, applications and services, the roll-out of broadband, and the promotion of free and open access to the Internet. One of the key partners for the EU in Africa is the African Union. The European Union has supported an important ITU project in Africa, HIPSSA.

South Africa

The Commission has had a regular annual ICT policy dialogue with South Africa for many years. This dialogue aims at fostering a durable relationship with the most important strategic partner on the African continent, which to a large extent is also influential in all sub-Saharian Africa. The EU still remains the biggest investor and commercial partner of South Africa.

Southern Mediterranean partner countries

Relations with the Southern Mediterranean countries are developed under the ENP-South component of the European Neighbourhood policy (ENP).

23 May 2014
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8 September 2014
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