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Europe must keep a pace with our global competitors in ICT research and digital innovation.

We must continue to invest in world-class ICT research and innovation in order to boost growth and jobs. We will continue to set up innovative Public-Private Partnerships to encourage innovation in Europe; and exploit the opportunities available through Horizon 2020 research funding programs.

Topics included in this chapter:

  • Innovation - we are working on initiatives to stimulate innovation in Europe by strengthening the ICT ecosystem, and supporting European researchers, companies, and entrepreneurs.
  • Emerging Technologies - most of our research tries to meet our current needs; but we also need to invest in longer-term research, where tomorrow's innovations will come from.
  • Digital infrastructures offer researchers an easy and controlled online access to facilities, resources and collaboration tools, bringing to them the power of ICT for computing, connectivity, data storage and access to virtual research environments.
  • Open Science makes research more efficient, transparent and effective by new, digital tools for scientific collaboration, experiments and analysis and by making scientific knowledge more easily accessible.
  • Robotics technologies help Europe maintain and expand a competitive manufacturing sector with millions of jobs; they also offer new solutions to societal challenges from ageing to health, smart transport, security, energy and environment.
  • Components and systems - Europe is at the forefront of these disciplines; we want to maintain our leadership through a huge research effort in this field.
  • Research advisors CAF and FETAG will help us set the priorities for future Horizon 2020 work programme.
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Juergen MLYNEK
Our responsibility, within the expert group on Quantum Technology Flagship, is to recommend to the Commission a strategic agenda and an efficient model for the future Flagship, by June 2017. To deliver, we need to hear from the community. This is why we organised a workshop in Berlin on 10 November 2016.
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The two Future and Emerging Technologies Flagships of Horizon 2020, The Human Brain Project and Graphene, have recently received additional funding from the European Commission for the next 2 years of their 10-year journey which started in 2013.
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