Open Innovation 2.0 for You

OI24U (Open Innovation 2.0 for You) is an online idea-sharing space for any type of whim, creative impulse, idea or project. The platform presents open sharing online network where people, businesses, institutions, and researchers get together in order to put the worthy ideas forward.

OI24U platform gathers together people who are active and respond to the Horizon 2020 calls and are willing to use OI2 methodology in their approach. This is a forum related to Horizon 2020 actions where open innovation has space to be brought forward in projects.

We - The Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group (OISPG) - began the development of the OI24U Community because we want to engage people in discussions on varied topics on Open Innovation. They can be related to European research and/or innovation actions. The scale of the discussions can range from European to regional. 

OI24U Community is an interactive platform for creative people in which they can share examples and best practices, reflect approaches jointly and combine ideas on actions and needs.