EBSI is conducting the first EU-wide digital wallets market study

Take part in the study and help support Europe’s digital transformation

Digital wallets play an essential role in transforming the secure exchange of information between parties. In EBSI, digital wallets enable the self-sovereign exchange of information between holders, issuers and verifiers, allowing information holders to only reveal as much as strictly required to complete a verification process and keep control on their information. As more and more everyday processes move away from paper, and European citizens start to harness the benefits of web3, digital wallets will have an ever-growing place in our lives. What are they, how are they operated today, and what are the main trends in the wallets market? These and more are the main questions EBSI wants to answer in its study of the digital wallets market.

What questions will the market study address?

EBSI has recently initiated the first-ever EU-wide market study to map digital wallets and their providers. This means wallets that allow private individuals to share information, credentials and claims about themselves, but also, wallets that allow legal entities such as companies or government authorities to generate digital credentials and other types of verifiable authentic information.

Digital trust and security are the key concepts facing citizens, businesses, and governments in the digital economy. The study will map the landscape of digital wallets, create a conceptual framework of operational models, including the sharing of information from citizen to government (C2G) and citizen to business (C2B) based on verifiable credentials or other trust models.

How can I contribute to the study?

EBSI is conducting the first EU-wide digital wallets study and we need your input! If you're a provider of a digital wallet (mobile or desktop) in Europe, please help us paint an accurate picture of the EU digital wallet market by taking part in our survey! We will be conducting structured videoconference interviews over the months of November and December.

Take part in our study by filling in the form here:

Digital wallets market study

What’s next?

After conducting interviews with wallet providers and their users, the study team led by EY, in collaboration with the European Commission, will produce a study report. By summer 2023, the study will be made available, providing an overview of the field of play of digital wallets in Europe, including their trust, operating, and technological models. The results of the study will support the development of a nascent market and the web3 transformation.