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The CEF Telecom programme 2014-2020 has concluded. The CEF Digital platform is no longer being actively updated.

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Digital Innovation Challenge
Discover the top 10

Think big,
play smart,
stand out!

The Digital Innovation Challenge for Europe's
Digital SMEs and startups. We know the winner!

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Discover the top 3 Discover the three finalists of the Digital Innovation Challenge.

CleverBooks Winner of EUR 50 000

Sustainable Digital Education
Reusable Online Text and Workbooks for Schools: Shaping digital education in Europe using Augmented Reality.

Solution used:

eID eDelivery eSignature ContextBroker eArchiving Blockchain EU Survey

Latitudo40 Latitudo40 Winner of EUR 20 000

Earth Analytics
Supporting everyday decisions by turning satellite imagery into geospatial information.

Solution used:

eID eDelivery ContextBroker Blockchain

Open Content Open Content Winner of EUR 10 000

Driving small and medium municipalities in Europe towards integrating into the Single Digital Gateway.

Solution used:

eID eArchiving Blockchain CoreVocs DCAT Profile CPSV EU Survey

The Digitial Innovation Challenge for Europe's Digital SMEs and startups. We know the winner!

Discover the challenge We invite Europe's Digital SMEs and startups to innovate and grow their business based on our open and reusable solutions.



a new service based on open and reusable solutions



with coaches from the European Commission


Pitch your idea

at the award ceremony, win up to EUR 50.000

Understand the context Europe is becoming increasingly digital. Be one of the SMEs or startups shaping a Digital Europe.

In the context of the Digital Single Market, public administrations across the EU have adopted open and reusable solutions to create generic digital public administration components.

We are talking about Building Blocks that can be used to facilitate the delivery of digital public services by public organisations. But not only.

SMEs and startups across Europe are also already using these smart solutions to build their businesses.

Discover the challenge

Get inspired by success stories Digital SMEs are already using our open solutions to innovate and grow their businesses. Read their stories.

Think big: Ubiwhere

Bring data to life and innovate new smart services by consolidating the data scattered around the city.

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Play Smart: MITMYNID

Build you own communications network that connects players globally across sectors and borders.

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Stand Out: Branddocs

Become a Trust Service Provider to validate and preserve documents for a more secure digital tomorrow.

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Discover open and reusable solutions We can help you develop new digital services or solutions and grow your business.

Thinking big

Broaden your vision for big impact in shaping a digital Europe

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Playing Smart

Reinforce your position in the market with a plug and play solution that scales

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Standing out

Enhance your visibility across Europe with a unique service offering

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