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eSignature Overview


About eSignature

What is eSignature

Learn about eSignature, how does the European Commission support e-signature, who provides e-signatures in Europe, what are the benefits, what are the use cases.

Get Started

Learn how you can adopt electronic signatures and/or seals as a citizen, a business, a solution provider, a government (or a third party).

eSignature legislation

Learn about the eIDAS Regulation (EU) N°910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market.

Regulation (EU) N°910/2014

Standards and specifications

Learn all the necessary standards to implement an eSignature compliant solution.


Learn about grants when implementing eSignature.

Services & Products

Service offering canvas

Find all eSignature services in a visual tool and request support through the eSignature service desk.

Digital Signature Service | DSS

Build your own solution in-house using our Digital Signature Services open-source library. Download the latest version for electronic signature creation and validation, find useful information, the DSS cookbook and past releases.

ETSI Signature Conformance Checker

A free online tool that performs numerous checks to verify the conformity of advanced electronic signatures against the ETSI standards.

eSignature List of Trusted Lists

Find the information notified by the Member States in an XML document that the European Commission makes available.

eSignature TLSO Community management

Visit the space to look for information and tools related to the management of the national Trusted Lists.

Pilot for the International Compatibility of Trust Services

This pilot aims to illustrate how the mutual recognition of the qualified trust service providers (QTSP) and the qualified trust services (QTSs) between the EU and a third country could be implemented in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation.

eSignature Trusted List Browser

Browse the information present in the Member States trusted lists (TLs) and in the European Commission list of trusted lists (LOTL).

Notification tool

Browse some of the eIDAS lists and send notifications to the European Commission for their publication.

eSignature validation tests

Test cases for eSignature solution implementers to test the "qualification" of electronic signatures and seals

eSignature FAQ

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