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What is the difference between non-qualified and qualified trust service providers?


The eIDAS Regulation defines a qualified trust service provider (QTSP) as “[…] a natural or a legal person who provides one or more qualified trust services […]”.

As opposed to non-qualified trust service providers, QTSP’s are thus granted the right to deliver one or more qualified trust services after undergoing a strict assessment process.

While it is mandatory for QTSPs to be listed in an EU Member State's Trusted List (TL), member states may decide to include non-qualified trust service providers in their TL.

Trusted List Browser allows the user to search for QTSPs by the type of qualified trust services they provide, as well as easily identifying which trust services, qualified or not, are provided by a particular TSP listed on a national TL, using explicit tags.

For more info, visit our eSignature dedicated FAQ page: