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Overview of pre-notified and notified eID schemes 

Please find below information about the pre-notified and notified eID schemes under eIDAS:


PRE-NOTIFIED : The Member State has officially communicated its intention to notify its eID scheme to the European Commission.

PEER REVIEWED : The eID scheme has been peer reviewed by other Member States' representatives.

NOTIFIED : The country has notified its eID scheme to the European Commission and the information has been published to the Official Journal of the European Union.

NB: Recognition of the notified eID schemes shall take place no later than 12 months after the publication to the OJEU.

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  1. Hi, is there a list of notified eIDs somewhere? 



    1. Dear Andrea, at the moment there is only one eID notified, the German national ID and residence card. information is saved here:

      1. Dear Andrea DE MARIA, I have added some information to the page.

        1. Dear Marie EICHHOLTZER, would it also be possible to create an overview which MS pre-notified their eIDs? Thanks!

          1. Anonymous

            that would be much appreciated 

            1. Dear all - we are taking into account your request and I am exploring this possibility with the European Commission.

  2. Thank you! (smile)

    Short question: what about Italy, Croatia, Estonia and Luxembourg "undergoing the pre-notification process ending in July"?

    1. Lunch break: the rest of pre-notification is arriving and will be updated in few minutes (smile)

      1. (big grin) enjoy! And thank you again!

  3. Dear Andrea DE MARIA and Sebastian WOLPERS, information about the pre-notified eID schemes has been published. Best, Marie

    1. A news item with additional information about the most recent pre-notified schemes has been published on CEF Digital: 

  4. Hi Marie. No problem with the sharing. Thank you.

  5. Dear colleagues, I summarized main application issues regarding mutual recognition of electronic identification means in the Slovak Republic in my article (especially chapter 4). If you deal with the same problems I would be grateful to hear your opinions on how it works in your country. Link to the article (page 9 – 13):  Best, Jozef.

  6. Hi Marie EICHHOLTZER just a quick update from UK: two days ago, the 28th of August, we have uploaded all docs in order to pre-notify the UK digital identity scheme, Verify.

    Regards! (smile)

    1. Hi Federico Nardini, at which level of assurance? (smile)

  7. Hi Marina KIROVAMarie EICHHOLTZER, it is nice to see that Italian eID has also been notified finally. However, I am a bit confused regarding the assurance levels that have been finally recognized. In this overview table, "low", "substantial" and "high" are presented, but when I follow the link on the OEJU Column /2018/C 318/02 then I see only substantial and low for Italy. Is this an editorial mistake, or how should one interpret this? Which assurance level will be finally recognized for SPID?

    1. Dear Fatbardh Veseli, I confirm that Italy has prenotified SPID at the levels low, substantial and high. The information in the OJEU will be updated in the upcoming days.

      1. Italy have several identity providers. Some with assurance level Low, some with Substantial and some with High.

  8. Dear Marie EICHHOLTZER thanks for the prompt reply. I would like to avoid confusion with one more comment: Italy has now now only pre-notified, but also received the notification of its eID scheme since 3 days, as I see. So the OJEU information will then contain all three assurance levels (including high)?

    1. The OJEU publication will be updated with the level high indeed. At the moment it is missing. Italy has completed the notification for the three levels. I can notify you when I receive the updated version of the OJEU.

  9. The eID_EU mentioned at 19 september on Twitter that Spain ande Luxemburg notified their eID's. Is this page to be updated soon?

    1. Dear Gertjan Bouwers, information on this page will be updated once the information is officially published in the EU official journal. Best, Marie

  10. This is a quite helpful ressource, have't seen it before. Would it possible to add links to the opinions of the CN on the peer reviewed schemes? Best, Jens

    1. Dear Jens, if you click on each MS, you will get access to all the public documents about the notified eID schemes. For the opinions of the CN, they are listed here:

      I will add the link to the CN opinion on the specific country pages.



  11. In connection with the pre-notification of the British eID scheme, acceptance into eIDAS depends on the decision of the Cooperation Network. Certain matters for their consideration are listed here,

  12. Dear Marie,

    I noticed the change you made regarding the Italian eID.  First: Derived from TAX Code or VAT code for businesses (on which i would expect that this mean can be used for company-users) Now: Derived from SPID Code (so only civilians?) Why is this change made, the mean is allready notified? It seems a major change to me.

    Kind regards,


    1. Dear Gertjan, 

      The possibility for company-users to use an eID is not linked to the availability of the attributes within the scheme, but on the conditions set by the Italian government. A full set of information regarding the SPID scheme is available on this page:

      If you have more question on how to use SPID, you may contact the Italian Point of contact for eIDAS-related matters:

      Kind regards,


  13. Will the pre-notification supporting documents for The United Kingdom be published here? 

    1. Dear Jósup Henriksen, all public documents regarding the UK notification are published on the following page:



      1. OK, but that is only the peer review report. Compared to for example Germany and Estonia, the documentation is not very informative.

        1. Dear Jósup Henriksen, indeed. Each Member States decides which documents they want to make public. In case you have specific questions, you can contact the respective national SPOC: Best, Marie

          1. Since pre-notification (a) the UK government has announced that it will cease funding GOV.UK Verify by 31 March 2020 and (b) several "identity providers" have pulled out leaving just one tScheme-certified IdP – the Texan firm Digidentity – and the uncertified Post Office, please see Three more identity providers to withdraw from troubled Verify programme.

  14. Hi,

    Thanks for the useful information, out of the 10 notified eID schemes indicated as notified, 3 (EE, AT, DE) are currently integrated in EU login and additionally 1 NL (in peer review) in EU login ACC as well. Would you have a date for when the 7 others will be available in EU login ( PT, CZ, IT (2x), ES,HR, BE, UK, LU, IT) 

    1. Hi Jerome, 

      What's the process of connecting to EU Login? We're happy to connect the UK Proxy Node.

      1. Hi Karol Gancarz

        Thanks for your willingness and contact points.

        Let's say that the Commission team in charge should take contact (or has already taken) contact with every Member States in order to integrate their eIDAS Scheme in EU login.

        Under the new ECI regulation, there is an obligation for every Member State to recognize the "Commission proxy eIDAS node" EU login.

        Regulation (EU) 2019/788

        art 10

        4.   Member States shall ensure that:


        the Commission e-IDAS node developed within the framework of Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 and Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/1501 is recognised.

        For your information, meanwhile my question has been addressed in a separate thread and I have been updated on the current planning of the integration of the MS eIDAS in EU login and looks like UK is in the pipeline which is good news...

  15. CEF EID is it possible to provide an update of this page? The last edit was on Jan 02, 2019.

    1. Hi Helen Raamat,

      The page extracts information from the sub-pages on individual notified eID schemes, so it doesn't show up as having been modified recently.

      But it is actually up to date (see for example the inclusion of the LT and NL (DIGID) schemes which were only notified in Aug 2020).


      George O'Neill

  16. How can I find out the reason for the fact, that Hungary is missing from this list of eID schemes?

  17. Hi Andras Uzonyi, this list only shows pre-notified and notified eID schemes. I don't believe Hungary has yet pre-notified a scheme. Are there plans to do so?


    George O'Neill

    1. Dear George,

      Indeed, Hungary has not pre-notified any eID scheme yet, nevertheless, we expect to do so in 2021.

      Kind regards,
      Janos Krizsan

  18. Dear Marie

    The UK exited the EU on 31 January 2020.

    Statutory Instrument (SI) No.89 2019 was laid before the UK Parliament on 23 January 2019 and came into force on "exit day".

    The title of that SI is The Electronic Identification and Trust Services for Electronic Transactions (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019. It relates to eIDAS and states in the explanatory notes that:

    Chapter II of the eIDAS Regulation provides for the mutual recognition and interoperability between EU Member States pertaining to the use of electronic identity schemes. It requires that public sector digital services using electronic identities above a described assurance level must accept electronic identities from ‘notified’ schemes in other EU Member States. Notification is a process whereby Member States choose to have their electronic identity scheme recognised and accepted by the other Member States.

    These provisions are being revoked because Chapter II of the eIDAS Regulation establishes reciprocal arrangements between public bodies in the UK and EU Member States that will no longer be appropriate once the UK has withdrawn from the UK. The UK will no longer be an EU Member State following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU and will therefore no longer have access to the mutual recognition and interoperability framework for electronic identification provided by the eIDAS Regulation. Accordingly, the implementing legislation that gives effect to Chapter II of the eIDAS Regulation is also being revoked. These amendments are necessary in order to remove these deficient provisions from the UK statute book.

    In view of that, is it correct to include the UK in the Overview of pre-notified and notified eID schemes under eIDAS above? If not,, to avoid confusion, should you perhaps delete the UK entry?

    1. Dear Marie

      On the UK page the following message is displayed: "Please note that as of February 1 2020 the United Kingdom has left the European Union". It is potentially confusing that this important message is not repeated in the text above, here.

      In the text above, five "identity providers" are listed for GOV.UK Verify (RIP). Three of these organisations pulled out in August 2019, over 16 months ago, please see Three more identity providers to withdraw from troubled Verify programme. Experian, Barclays and Secure Identity no longer create new accounts and will soon stop supporting their existing accounts.

      That point is not made clear in the text above which is potentially confusing for the unwary reader. That unwary reader might believe that Experian, Barclays and Secure Identity are comparable to the two remaining "identity providers", Digidentity and the Post Office. But they're not comparable. They have decided that GOV.UK Verify (RIP)'s business is no longer commercially attractive to them. They are in the process of withdrawing their support.

      Digidentity and the Post Office are also not comparable. Digidentity have been certified trustworthy by tScheme. The Post Office, by contrast, is not and never has been certified trustworthy. Again, an unwary reader could be confused by the text above into believing that Digidentity and the Post Office are comparable. They're not. Anything but.

      All this potential confusion could be avoided by simply deleting the UK entry. Given that the UK is no longer in the EU, why not delete it?

      1. Dear Marie

        I note that the UK's GOV.UK Verify (RIP) is no longer listed as an eIDAS scheme.

  19. CEF EID The current page is now empty, where is the publicly available page of the Notified eID schemes under the eIDAS Regulation?

    1. Hi Dennis Reumer, there was some issue with the platform. We will get it back up as soon as possible.

    1. Hi Martina Bednar

      The list on the pages is only pre-notified and notified eIDs (i.e. those that can be used across national borders thanks to their integration with the eIDAS network). Austria has not yet chosen to notifiy it's eID scheme.

      Kind regards,

      CEF eID onboarding team 

  20. Dear all, I noticed that neither Iceland, Liechtenstein nor Norway are on this - would the EEA countries that are not EU members be elegible for inclusion in the program, or have none of these three tried to notify a system yet? Thanks very much for any info - this page is a great resource - thanks very much! 

  21. Dear admin, 

    Would it be possible to add columns with functions that schemes enable? For example can it be used only for authenticating users or can it be used for signing (QES level) and does it include time stamp by trust service provider? Building cross-border services requires service providers sometimes to request high assurance level eID authentication together with QES and time stamp. This limits the number of suitable eID schemes and caps the number of potential users.

  22. Hi. Would it be possible to know when the French applications will be available ? Thank you very much.

  23. Hi,

    In January 2021 János Krizsán wrote, that "Hungary has not pre-notified any eID scheme yet, nevertheless, we expect to do so in 2021."

    Is there any change concerning this expectation? Is there a new plan or deadline ?


    1. Dear András,

      The Hungarian eIDAS node is currently undergoing a live bilateral test (in 2020 the accession tests were successful and the node was completed, we are currently in the interoperability testing phase), and as they prove to be successful, we intend to launch the pre-notification process on the eID means. We expect the process to begin this year. 

      Best regards,

      1. Dear János,

        • Do you have any resource regarding the implementation of eID in Hungary (in English or in Hungarian)?
        • Do we know how will it relate to the curent ügyfél kapu system?

        Kind regards,


  24. Hello,

    Any chance that Romania is in the works to be added to the list?

    Kind regards,


  25. Dear Iulia,

    Romania has not pre-notified any eID scheme, but it is planned. Please note that Romania's national electronic ID (smartcard) is currently under development. We will update this response when a more detailed timeline has been announced.

    Please find here more details on the process to notify an eID scheme: How to notify an eID scheme? (


    eID onboarding team

  26. I can't find any information about Slovenia anywhere? Do you have any information about any Slovenian eID scheme?

    Best Regards,


  27. Hallo, how come that Sweden has notified 3 eID means (BankID, Freja eID and EFOS) under the scheme but in official journal only one (Freja eID) is published as notified? What are the reasons for this? Why BankID is eliminated?

    Best regards,


  28. It would be necessary to update in the header the date of last modification.  The list was actualised even in 2022, but according the header it was done lest time in 02, 2019.

    Best regards 


  29. Hello - is there any notified id scheme that can be provided to non-EU citizens / residents (e.g., a Chinese natural person living in China that never lived in an EU state)?

    Thanks in advance


    1. Hello Francesco! As Ivar indicated earlier, the Estonian e-Residency Digi-ID is indeed available to individuals from countries all over the world and is not limited to EU residents and citizens. If you are interested in more information on what e-Residency is or in becoming an e-resident yourself, I suggest you check out the official e-Residency page at: and the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board’s website at: 

      Best wishes,