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EBSI Wallet Conformance Testing


The EBSI Wallet Conformance Testing service is intended for third-party application providers developing a digital wallet that want to ensure the interoperability and conformance of their wallet(s) with the specifications defined by the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI).

These tests will:

  • Ensure that a given application from a third-party developer (wallet app, mobile app, web app, etc.) conforms with the EBSI core services API;
  • Enable the app developers to self-assess their applications by recording a conformance testing header* over the core services API.

*The conformance testing header contains all information needed to evaluate if a request is conformant and serves as an evidence for the WCT.

What is being tested?

The goal of the EBSI Wallet Conformance Testing service is to verify that third-party wallets conform to the:

  • EBSI core services specifications: this will assess if a wallet can correctly interact with the core services endpoints of EBSI. In simplified terms, that wallets’ requests are well formed and that the core services return a successful answer;
  • EBSI playbook of Verifiable Credentials and their lifecycle: this will verify that a wallet can correctly interact with Issuers of Verifiable Credentials (VC) and Verifiers of Verifiable Presentations (VP).

This documentation will help you to make your wallet EBSI Conformant: 

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