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Early Adopters Programme Imagining what EBSI can do for European citizens

An incubator to help Early Adopters and their partners imagine, build and launch their EBSI pilot project(s)

Join the programme Wallet conformance testing

21 In the course of 2021, 21 projects from 18 European countries joined the Early Adopters Programme and the multi-university pilot.

14 At the end of 2021, the projects joined forces to identify, design and start their integration for a set of 14 cross-border scenarios.

05 Today, amongst the 14 scenarios identified, 5 are now concrete cross-border projects, finalising their integration (in pre-production).

What is an EBSI Early Adopter?

Since 2018, the European Commission and the European Blockchain Partnership have been building the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) to deliver cross-border services for public administrations.

In 2021, 22 projects were selected to become part of our incubator programme to help tap into the potential of the EBSI infrastructure. Each project's private and public sector partners was given early access to the pre-production environment of EBSI, and was invited to develop their own pilot project to address a specific business or government use case involving the exchange of verifiable credentials.

With the help of the EBSI team, Early Adopters can identify how to connect their systems, be part of a community and collaborate with other Early Adopters. This will help us improve EBSI's services and ensure it meets the needs of Europe's businesses and public administrations, within and across borders.

See the FAQ

First Early Adopters pilot

Piloting on EBSI in the education sector: the multi-university pilot

The EBSI Early Adopters have been challenged to test their different pilots in a real-life setting by taking part in the multi-university pilot. This allows them to test the interoperability of their solutions with other key actors in the ecosystem to allow for the exchange of verifiable credentials by students and universities : trusted accreditation organisations; trust issuers; holders of credentials; wallet providers and other partners.

Key actors in the education ecosystem

Trusted Accreditation Organisation

Government entity

Define on-boarding and register DIDs for Trusted Accreditation Organisation / Trusted Issuers.



Issue educational credentials to the student.



Request the issuance of educational credentials and share it with university / employer.

Wallet provider

IT service provider

Build IT systems and applications, e.g. a digital wallet following the guidelines and specifications to ensure interoperability and compliance with EBSI.



Verify the educational credentials shared by the student.

Join the Early Adopters Programme

Registrations are currently closed.

Want to join the Early Adopters programme? Leave us your email to find out when registrations for the next wave open.

Stay Informed

Early Adopters Programme FAQ

Join the Early Adopters Programme

Want to join the Early Adopters programme? Leave us your email to find out when registrations for the next wave open.

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