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Through an agile and flexible process


Support the deployment of EBSI services

The EU proposes a number of funding programmes to support digital transformation across the EU. Some of those grants can support EBSI implementations. We list those funding opportunities here. 

Find an open grants call

Who can apply for European Union grants?

Every grants call is associated with a series of conditions. These will depend on the funding programme, its goals, and the policy priorities of the European Commission. Grants are open to all in the European Union who fulfill the conditions of the specific call for proposal. 

Open grants calls

Discover open calls for proposal that are relevant for projects who want to work on or with EBSI, its use cases, its node network, or research into blockchain innovation. 

Closed EBSI grants

Discover how organisations have successfully supported EBSI's development through past funding opportunities from the EU's Digital Europe Programme.


Jan 24th 2023

Gains from Investment in key capacities can only materialise if there are enough people to design, deploy and use them. At present, all Member States face shortages of digital specialists and the training opportunities in digital areas are missing in the EU, compared to other countries....

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