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EBSI resources Find an overview of all the tools and documentation for developers.

The resources are divided into 3 categories: Learn about EBSI, Build on EBSI and Get Support. You will also find an overview of all the APIs provided by EBSI.

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  • What is EBSI?

    EBSI is the first EU-wide blockchain infrastructure and is designed as a market-friendly ecosystem based on open standards and a transparent governance model.

  • Use cases

    Use cases describes how someone would use a system to accomplish a specific goal. This system holds a technical set of requirements - such as it issuers, holders and verifiers - around a specific domain.

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Get Support

  • Service Desk(opens in a new tab)

    If you have questions or need support, visit the service desk.

  • FAQ

    Check out our FAQ to find the answer to your question.

  • Glossary

    Need more information on a certain term or subject? Check out our glossary to get informed.


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Are you belonging to one of those categories? We have a dedicated section for you!

Wallet providers

Learn how to make your wallet conformant.

Become conformant

Early Adopters

Already enrolled as an Early Adopter? Click here.

Early Adopters' space(opens in a new tab)

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