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Why and how to make your digital wallet conformant with EBSI?



Turn your wallet into an EBSI conformant wallet and build a pan-European wallet ecosystem.

Store, verify and share information across Europe has never been easier. Join our EBSI conformant wallets following a three-step process.

What are the benefits?

Connect your wallet

Build your wallet based on open specifications and standards from W3C. These common foundations allow you to be part of a broader and more connected ecosystem and get access to a whole new market.

Boost cross-border services

Join a community of pioneers and create the first blockchain-enabled cross-border service to manage identity, educational and social security credentials across Europe.

Gain visibility across Europe

By being conformant with EBSI, you will get the chance to be featured on our website and get access to new promotion and communication channels that will help you reach entire Europe region.

How to become conformant?


Set-up your environment

For our support service to be able to assess your solution, you will need to create a unique identifier (conformance testing header).


Select and perform the test scenarios

Select and perform the test scenarios (onboard, issue or verify) that need to be supported by your wallet.


Be conformant with EBSI

Our support office will contact you with the results of the test. You will receive your conformance testing report and be featured in the list of conformant wallet solutions.

Willing to test your solution?

Our service is now available for all Wallet Providers

Wallet Conformance Testing service (opens in a new tab)

Useful documentation

Creating EBSI's Verifiable Credentials Profile containing all the EBSI specifications.

In order to test your conformance with EBSI, you will find here two useful tools that will help you navigate the EBSI Verifiable Credentials Profile containing all the technical standards and the specifications.

VC lifecycle: The Verifiable Credentials lifecycle represents the different steps of an exchange of Verifiable Credentials (VC) supported by the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI).

VC Playbook: This document summarises the technical standards and specifications related to the business requirements of EBSI's Use Cases.

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