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About the service

The eDelivery Service Desk provides user support on the overall eDelivery service offering. It acts as the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) to address questions, incidents, requests and changes reported by the users.

The eDelivey Service Desk can also by reached via

Support Service: 8 am to 6 pm (Normal EC working Days)

Using Service Desk requires EU Login

The scope of questions addressed by the eDelivery Service Desk is presented in the table below. A distinction should be made whether the implementation is based on the eDelivery sample software or not.

Questions related to
Users of the eDelivery sample software
Users of an implementation other than the eDelivery sample software



Supported if using the eDelivery PKI
Supported if using the eDelivery PKI

Bugs and Troubleshooting

In addition to this, the Service Desk provides availability and capacity monitoring of the eDelivery Managed Services (Public Key Infrastructure and Service Metadata Locator) to allow a proactive way of detecting and resolving incidents.

Users of the service 

The eDelivery Service Desk service is intended for the following types of users:

  • Software providers - a software provider develops a software product according to the eDelivery specifications and want to ensure its customers that the software works correctly.
  • Service Providers - a service provider has re-used the eDelivery sample software or one of its Managed Services and wants to ensure it is implemented correctly.

Benefits for the users of the service

The eDelivery Service Desk has been designed to generate the following benefits to the User:

  • The day to day monitoring and 24h/7days service to maintain a high-level of availability and capacity of the eDelivery Managed Services
  • Troubleshooting and support provided by professional staff of the European Commission
  • Proactive incident detection and resolution
  • Benefit from a useful and reliable knowledge base that helps solving issues efficiently