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1Gather business needs and requirements

eDelivery provides everything you need to set up a message exchange solution that conforms to OASIS's AS4 profile and the eIDAS Regulation's security requirements.

You can start implementing eDelivery by gathering business needs and translating them into requirements. Requirements will help you determine which parts of our offering can help you achieve your goals.

2Feasibility study

If you wish, you may pick a few potential solutions for a feasibility study to estimate the necessary investments, financial benefits and expected implementation timeframes for eDelivery versus an alternative solution. You can find alternative message exchange solutions for comparison in our market guide for AS4 conformant solutions and services.

3Choose your approach

You can develop your own application in house, buy a service or software from an external provider, or use existing software components to put together your message exchange solution. 

eDelivery offers sample software for Access Point, Service Metadata Locator (SML) and Service Metadata Publisher (SMP). Together these components provide the main functionalities to enable digital messaging, and their adoption is supported by our Service Desk. Consider benefits of going digital with eDelivery.

4Develop your solution

If you decided to develop your own solution, you can use our technical specifications to ensure that development happens in line with the AS4 messaging protocol. If you chose to base your solution on eDelivery sample software, our onboarding services can help you get started. If you chose to engage a service or software provider, they will lead this process for you based on your requirements.

No matter what you chose, consider performing a Proof of Concept (PoC) to validate your chosen solution before going full scale.

5Deploy and integrate

In the deployment step, you or your software provider will configure the different components of your chosen solution. Integrate your messaging application with backend systems.

6Test your solution

Test your implementation by sending other network participants a message or use our connectivity testing service. If you developed your own application with our technical specifications, you can also use our conformance testing service to validate your implementation's compliance with the AS4 profile. We provide a testing platform, test cases and professional support during the entire testing process.

7Operate and promote

You are ready to promote your solution and get participants to join your network.

Questions? Our Service Desk is open for your questions, comments, incidents and change requests at any point before, during and after implementation.