Package eu.europa.esig.dss.model.x509

package eu.europa.esig.dss.model.x509
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    Whenever the signature validation process encounters an X509Certificate a certificateToken is created.
    This class encapsulates some frequently used information: a certificate comes from a certain context (Trusted List, CertStore, Signature), has revocation data...
    PdsLocation::= SEQUENCE { url IA5String, language PrintableString (SIZE(2))} --ISO 639-1 language code
    Represents a PSD-2-QC type
    Defines limits of transactions for a given certificate (QcStatement)
    This class contains the QcStatement information based on ETSI EN 319 412-1/5 and ETSI TS 119 495
    Object Identifier for roles of payment service providers
    This is the base class for the different types of tokens (certificate, OCSP, CRL, Timestamp) used in the process of signature validation.
    This class is used to compare and sort tokens by their DSS identifier
    This class contain utility methods to extract String representation of a X500Principal distinguishing name