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Grand Coalition - Pledge of Basque EIT Coalition

Launch a Coalition for Digital Competence in Basque region with platform of evaluation, certification and recognition of digital competence.
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The Basque Country is aiming to develop into a competent digital society, highly participative and, through innovative ICT lever, increase its competitiveness, as well as to improve the quality of life of individuals and collective welfare. To this aim it is essential to improve e-Skills and Education for Digital Jobs. Led by the Basque Goverment and connected with the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs, the Basque EIT Coalition pledges to create jointly a model and platform of evaluation, certification and recognition of digital competence. The Basque EIT Coalition also pledges to develop a Coalition for Digital Competence at regional level. Both pledges are managed by Ikanos project.

Main partners:

  • Basque Government (Department for Economic Development and Competitiveness (Leader partner), Department for Education, Linguistic Policy and Culture, and Department for Employment and Social Policies)
  • GAIA Basque Electronic and Information Technology Cluster
  • Tecnalia Research & Innovation Foundation

Other partners:

  • Lanbide, Basque Employment Service
  • SPRI Group, The Business Development Agency of the Basque Country
  • Euskampus, International Excellence Campus
  • Tknika, Centre for innovation in Basque vocational training

Contact Person

Aitor Urzelai Inza | Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Information Society Director, Dp.for Ec. Dev. and Competitiveness, Basque Government |

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