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Patrice Lefeu

Executive Director, Ernst & Young
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Patrice Lefeu is a former member of the Economy and Finance Minister’s cabinet for European Affairs, bilateral cooperation and SME’s internationalisation, included for pre accession and candidate countries + Russia and Turkey. 20 Years Experience in Global & Government sector with specific expertise in innovation, entrepreneurship, SME’s and internationalization. As Vice President of Invest in France Agency he developed the global communication campaign “France, where smart money goes” with the support of large enterprises and SMEs organizations.

At Ernst & Young, as Executive Director, he is leading “Public financial services” in France to develop a Technical Assistance to public and private entities to get access to EU Funds At EU 27 level. He is coordinating at European level administrative simplification services and he is member of the national steering committee for administrative burden reduction put in place but the French ministry of Economy.

He is coordinating Ernst & Young services with several Directorates General of the European Commission to support economic and growth drivers such as Research, Innovation, Industrial and SMEs and competitiveness policies.

Writer of several reports and green papers for the European Commission, the European Parliament and Member States  on the following topics: The Lisbon strategy, Innovation, Climate Change, Competitiveness and Attractiveness of Foreign Direct Investment, Hi-Tech companies. He set up cooperation between California (Silicon Valley), Massachusetts (Cambridge Campus), Texas and European countries to reinforce partnership with Labs, Universities, investors and corporations.

Last updated on 07/06/2013