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neuGRID for You

Neuroscience is increasingly making use of statistical and mathematical tools to extract information from images of biological tissues. Computational neuroimaging tools require substantial computational resources and the increasing availability of large image datasets will further enhance this need. Many efforts have been directed towards creating brain image processing tools and repositories.

Multisite-distributed computing infrastructures have thus been launched with the goal of fostering shared resources and facilitating such data analyses, over the last decade. neuGRID4you is an European commission-funded effort arising from the needs of the neurodegenerative diseases imaging communities, which allows the collection and archiving of large amounts of imaging data coupled with Grid/Cloud-based algorithm pipelines.

The major benefit it provides is the faster discovery of new disease markers that will be valuable for earlier diagnosis and development of innovative drugs. The initial setup of neuGRID features 5 European nodes offering an elastic set of compute resources from 500 to 5000 processing cores, together with approximately 100 TB, on demand. Overall, neuGRID serves access to several thousands image datasets and most renowned (neuro)imaging toolkits, online.



Funding: EU contribution 3,600,000 € out of 4,438.912 €

Project duration: 42 months


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