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Closed LOop Neural prosthesis for vestibular disorderS

The CLONS project aims to develop suitable technological solutions to increase the quality of life of people affected by vestibular disorders. Specifically, an innovative closed-loop sensory neural prosthesis will be developed and tested in animal models and eventually implemented for in a clinical population (humans). This prosthesis will restore vestibular information by electrically stimulating nerves connected to the semicircular canals. The stimulation patterns will be based on information provided by inertial sensors mounted to the user's head.

This ambitious, inter-disciplinary project will require overcoming the following challenges:

  • intra-vestibular interfaces able to create connections with neurons innervating the vestibular periphery
  • implantable circuitry that is powerful and robust yet small and biocompatible
  • an artificial vestibular system that can be attached to a user's head 
  • machine learning to discover effective vestibular stimulation strategies
  • algorithms to adaptive stimulation interaction with the prosthetic user


Funding: Eu contribution  3329 K€ our of 4341 K€

Project duration: 51 months


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