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European Cloud Partnership

The European Cloud Partnership (ECP) brings together industry and the public sector to establish a Digital Single Market for cloud computing in Europe.
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It has been established as part of the European Cloud Strategy.

The ECP Steering Board provided advice to the Commission on strategic options to turn cloud computing into an engine for sustainable economic growth, innovation and cost-efficient public and private services.

The ECP aimed at driving the first steps towards better public procurement of cloud services in Europe, based on common definitions of requirements and possibly eventually going as far as joint procurement across borders. Pooling public requirements could bring higher efficiency and common sectoral requirements (e.g. eHealth,social care, assisted living, eGovernment services) would reduce costs and enable interoperability. The private sector would also benefit from higher quality services, more competition, rapid standardisation and better interoperability and market opportunities for high-tech SMEs.

The ECP Steering Board was composed of high-level representatives of the IT and telecom industry and decision makers from governmental IT policy making (more for info) and chaired by Toomas Hendrik Ilves, President of Estonia. The Steering Board held its first meeting on November 19, 2012, after which it issued the following public statement.

The ECP research activities were supported by an initial budget of €10million under the EU's Research Programme, which set up the Cloud for Europe project.  In addition, the EU's new Horizon 2020 programme will also provide €22million of support for the development of cloud computing services in public sector innovation under the 2015 work package (page 21).

Trusted Cloud Europe has been prepared by the European Cloud Partnership (ECP) Steering Board to propose a set of ideas on how Europe can help public and private organisations use, buy and sell cloud services in a safe and trusted environment.

Current and future users and providers of cloud computing services as well as other interested parties were invited to comment on the ECP's ideas by taking part in a survey. Read the assessment of the survey.

Check the reports of the European Cloud Partnership Steering Board meetings:

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